Community Management

At iInfosoft, we provide a comprehensive Community Management solution comprising a website, mobile app, and admin panel designed to streamline various aspects of community management. Our platform offers robust features to manage family profiles, coordinate different types of events, facilitate member searching, enable mobile access, organize blood donation drives, maintain a business directory, and manage committee lists.

  • Website
    Our website serves as the central hub for community members to access information, participate in events, and engage with fellow members.
    Features include customizable family profiles, event registration forms for various types of events, member directories, mobile-responsive design, blood donation drive information, business directory listings, and committee list details.
  • Mobile App
    The mobile app complements the website, providing on-the-go access to community resources and features.
    Members can use the app to view and update family profiles, register for events using various event forms, search for other members, access blood donation drive details, browse the business directory, and view committee lists.
  • Admin Panel
    The admin panel empowers community administrators to manage and customize the platform according to the community's needs.
    Administrators can create and manage different types of events by customizing event forms, approve event registrations, moderate member profiles, update blood donation drive information, manage business directory listings, and oversee committee lists.
  • Family Management
    Community members can create and manage family profiles, including details such as family members' names, relationships, contact information, and preferences.
    Family management tools allow members to update their profiles, view other family profiles, and connect with families within the community.
  • Event Management
    Our platform supports various types of events, including social gatherings, fundraisers, workshops, and community service activities.
    Customizable event registration forms cater to different event requirements, allowing organizers to collect specific information from participants.
  • Member Directory
  • Blood Directory
  • Business Directory
  • Committee Lists

Our Community Management solution is designed to foster engagement, facilitate communication, and enhance the overall experience for community members. Whether managing family information, coordinating events, promoting blood donation drives, supporting local businesses, or overseeing community committees, our platform provides the tools and features needed to build a thriving and connected community.

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