Warehouse Management

At iInfosoft, we offer a versatile Warehouse Management System (WMS) tailored to meet the needs of builders who provide warehouse facilities for tenants and investors. Our WMS is designed to efficiently manage tenant and investor data while streamlining warehouse operations.

Warehouse Management Core Features

  • Investor Management
    Manage investor records, including contact details, investment agreements, financial contributions, and returns on investment.
    Provide investors with access to relevant financial reports, investment performance updates, and distribution statements.
  • Tenant Management
    Maintain detailed tenant records, including contact information, lease agreements, rental payments, and rental history.
    Streamline communication with tenants regarding lease agreements, rental invoices, and property maintenance requests.
  • Space Management
    Efficiently allocate and manage warehouse space for tenants and investors based on lease agreements and investment commitments.
    Optimize space utilization to maximize rental income and return on investment for investors.
  • Inventory Tracking
    Real-time tracking of inventory levels and movements within the warehouse for both tenants and investors.
    Maintain accurate inventory records and track inventory in multiple warehouses or storage locations.
  • Financial Management
    Generate invoices and rental statements for tenants and investment statements for investors based on lease agreements and investment terms.
    Automate billing processes and send notifications for rent payments and investment distributions.
  • Reporting and Analytics
    Generate reports and analytics on warehouse performance, rental income, investment returns, and financial metrics.
    Provide insights into warehouse operations and financial performance to tenants, investors, and builder stakeholders.

With iInfosoft's Warehouse Management System, builders can efficiently manage tenant and investor data while optimizing warehouse operations and maximizing rental income and investment returns. Experience seamless warehouse management with our comprehensive software solution tailored to your business needs.

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